President Obama, Congress Drama and Why Don’t Black Folks Vote

Under his watch President Barack Obama has not allowed a major terrorist attack on American soil. He did not get America into Iraq or Afghanistan nor was he the cause of the last recession. However, under his leadership Osama bin Laden was found and eliminated, almost all of the U.S. troops have withdrawn from Iraq and America is slowly but surely climbing its way out of the economic morass he and his administration inherited. And you want to go back to a having a Republican administration in the White House?

A wake up call for America’s first black president

The 2010 Midterm elections were a wake up call to the Obama administration. President Obama’s support declined rapidly as home foreclosure hit record highs, unemployment off the charts and even now there is something new— high gas prices, a problem created by big oil and world greed.

OK back to the point.  2010 was a big disappointment for our first black President. Democrats did not turnout to vote and as a result congress was lost to the Republicans.

Black America: This man is fighting for you!  Yet black Americas don’t vote in the numbers they should. So many people gave their lives— both white and black—so we could have the privilege of voting, however, we sat on our butts and gave power to the Republican party.

Here is a reality check for white folks as well: Barack Obama is also white—and guess what—you white Democrats dropped the ball, too. Or maybe you voted for a Republican congress 10 2010 due to the President being too gentle with congress. Whatever the case my be, the one thing I have realized is that President Obama finds a way out of every bad hand congress deals to him—and us. He does it even without total Democrat support.

If only George Bush would have handled Iraq like Obama did Libya there would not have been a recession. Osama bin Laden is dead wow!!! Another feather in his cap and his approval rating skies. Then the reality of  empty middle class wallets settles in and the voters send a message during the midterm elections

What was the message ? Well the message was certainly not to crash our economy!

This has to be the stupidest congress in history. These guys, who by the way represent the top 1 percent, we’re actually trying to crash our economy. In all fairness to congress I think they didn’t get the real message the voters were sending. The message was a bipartisan effort to fix the Bush, Dick Cheney mess not crash the economy, stupid.

Thank you congress, our credit rating has been downgraded. You guys even managed to downgrade many of the people who were once middle class and sent them packing to go live in the streets. Thank you congress, the extension of unemployment for millions of people has stopped and many more families no longer can feed their kids or pay their utilities without assistance.

I ask all of congress to read the word of God and see if Jesus hung out with people who had the bling. No he hung out with fishermen and a tax collector. Does anyone know the salary of a tax collector. I bet it is not anywhere near as much as John Bheiner’s salary.

Jesus was a healer and now you Republican Christians are trying to stop what you call Obamacare. You arrogant republicans outside of congress complain about the Obama’s policies, but then you take advantage of them every chance you get! Also while I am venting, why does everyone close their eyes to what congress is doing?  It’s so obvious that they do not want Obama in office—they will go to any lengths to make sure their objective is reached, even to the point of turning on their own.

The supreme court will more than likely kill Obamacare. The good news is that the Republicans that have children older than college-age will no longer be able to carry them on their insurance policies. I  say again—you are stupid! There is no better word to describe what Republicans do.

Democrats who did not vote in the midterm elections—stupid!

I am gonna say this and I am putting my reputation on the line: More white people were loyal to the President than blacks.

Black people don’t vote!  How do I know this?

I am black and a lot of my friends—grown folks— do not vote. To my friends who don’t vote—you are stupid!

I think it is a shame that white folks are more involved in our cause than black folks. Case in point: Sean Penn is over living in Sudan. He’s been over there for years helping Africans with an aggressive humanitarian effort to get food to people who are being killed by their own government. John McCain has called for President Obama to intervene with the Syria and stop its government from killing their own people. This has been going on for years in Sudan and I don’t see anyone standing up and stepping in. If only Sudan had major oil deposits then maybe this would be a crisis.

Over the last 3 to 5 years I have become so tired of being divided. I am so tired of racism. I am tired of blacks people who complain all the time and don’t vote.  Listen people, please! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the black and white thing is just a smoke screen to hide the real villain—the rich and greedy. They are so convincing, these rich people and Republicans. Especially the latter because Republicans attempt to implement policies that ultimately hurt the very people who support them.

Have you ever had to loan a Republican money? I have.

I did not confront this person on his political convictions I just felt sorry for their ignorance. Just like I feel sorry for the ignorance of people—especially my black: brothers, mothers, sisters, brothers and others who do not vote.

Finally, maybe Obama has not fulfilled the promises in his presidential campaign, but don’t forget about the Republicans that blocked his every move.

Let’s get behind President Obama like we did the first time, because if nothing else moves the ones that have drifted away from their original fervent support for Obama in 2008, remember this old Irish proverb:

“The Devil you know is often better than the devil you don’t know.”

I don’t know Mitt Romney except for he is a Republican, so I’m not taking any chances on him getting into office and taking us backwards. Everyone: Never ever forget the damage to this country—and to the world—caused by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and the rest that Republican-led gang. Many of the same cast of supporting  characters that were in the Bush administration would be hanging around the top of a Romney presidency.

Don’t go backwards in 2012: Get up, get out and vote Obama!


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  1. Nice article but his chances on reelection will depend on not only the black vote but the hispanic as well.

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