Nebraska Cornhuskers’ “Style” Football Won’t Make It in Big Ten


Bo Pelini Thug Life

Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini, better known in the hood as “BoPac The Screamer.”

My friend Will Cummings wrote an article on his blog titled Big Ten Football: Be Afraid, Very Afraid—the Huskers are Coming!, where in it he said that the Huskers would come into the Big Ten next year and win the conference.  I never laughed so hard after reading something.

Listen, Will, the Huskers will be lucky to win 5 of their 8 Big Ten games next year. No way they come in here and win the Big Ten in their first year. Especially not now after their crazy coach Bo Pelini yelled and poked his finger in the chest of an injured player. How does Nebraska keep that jerk after that? Nobody in the Big Ten wants to have a coach in our league that behaves like that way. I can’t believe he played at Ohio State. 

The only people that should be “afraid” are the Husker football players. They should be afraid of getting their butts kicked by Pelini.

I liked what Desmond Howard said about the Bo Pelini treating Taylor Martinez that way. And like Howard I can’t believe his parents didn’t do anything about it.  I would never want my son to play for a coach like Bo Pelini.

You all know that I am a diehard Ohio State Buckeye fan and now you know that I don’t have any respect for the Huskers after that Pelini thing, so I am going to make this bet: The Buckeyes will win the Big Ten and Nebraska won’t even make it to the Big Ten Conference Game. If I am wrong about either one: Every Friday on my job—for an entire year–I will wear one of those old ugly Nebraska Cornhuskers shirts that has a cartoon picture of that corncob eating farmer on it.

 Buckeyes don’t let me down!

See what 1991 Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard said:

Desmond Howard Interview Comments Start at 2:57

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  1. Floyd Mayweather has hurt the sport of boxing I am going to mixed martial arts

  2. John put a sock in it boy, Nebraska trying to go to a better conference only to get exposed.

  3. I am not upset at all about Bopac. He assaulted his own injured player and not only that but then embarrased him on national tv. Just hurt the moral of the whole team. How is this team going to make it in the Big Ten? Nebraska with a blessing will win 5 games this year and without the blessing lucky to win 3.

  4. Lulz, you are getting worked up about a coach yelling at a player? I guess there’s not many coaches you think should retain their job since the majority of football coaches yell at their players when they break the rules. Nebraska may not win the big10 next year but they sure as hell won’t lose 5 games either.

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  6. Hilarious! Bopac. Don’t let Bopac see this. He is Italian and his boys will hunt you down.

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