Sarah Palin goes to Haiti: A cruel joke on Black folks

Sarah Palin In Haiti

Sarah Palin in Haiti (December 12, 2010) getting her mop fixed by daughter Bristol, before a visit to cholera treatment center.

Palin takes photo op at expense of struggling Haitians 

A couple of weeks ago, as I was laying in bed nursing a cold that had my head pounding, eyes watering, nasal passages stuffed, and a few other unpleasant ailments, a news flash shot across the television screen “Sarah Palin Arrives in Haiti.” Quickly, all that pain and suffering turned to anger.  

One might ask why would you be angry? After all Palin is in Haiti to support a struggling third world country isn’t she.  My answer: First,  Sarah Palin before you can connect with the black people in other countries you might want to start at home by building up a decent rapport with the African American community. But I guess  that’s a hard thing to do being  that you are the Grand Wizard of the newly founded Tea Party Movement. 

Second, other than PR and a bolster to your likely presidential campaign, the decision to go to Haiti makes no sense, has no merit and and thus the phrase “Sarah Palin in Haiti” in my opinion becomes an oxymoron of the highest order. 

Your objectives–or I should say your PR department’s objectives  for your trip to Haiti: To score points with the middle class and lower income people in America  by visiting a country that has suffered so much in recent years; thereby, giving you a better image. This strategy is at the very least disingenuous and in my opinion–unethical.  

Sarah Palin going to Haiti is symbolic of a sheet that gets pulled over a racist head as he goes out lynching innocent folks.  Ring a bell? I am not a citizen of Haiti but if I had my say I would have denied you access to the country. You might fool some Mrs. Palin but you don’t fool me.  When the earthquake first hit Haiti last year did Palin go there and support the country through those tough times?  Or did she ever even bother to call people involved in the Haitian Relief Effort like Bill Clinton, Sean Penn or others to see if there was anything she could do to assist them. 

How dare Palin go abroad, now, to try to show compassion and diversity when she is failing so miserably in those areas right here in the United States. 

Your visit to Haiti was a truly insincere and offensive gesture; it was as hollow and fake as your political career. Everyone involved would have been better served if you would have stayed silent on this matter–like you have been since the earthquake struck Haiti almost a year ago.

No Palin,  for you it’s all about the money and the fame. Your looks have endeared you to many and loads of savvy politicians ride your coattails, but they know, and  we know the deal. And when you are finally all used up where will you be? But there is still hope for you yet.

Sure Mrs. Palin, there are some Black Americans who encouraged your visit to Haiti. But you should also be reminded that there were plenty of blacks in America who–in the day–encouraged the continuation of slavery too.

Let’s hope that Palin’s LESS THAN TWO DAY STAY IN HAITI awakened her enough to see that African people have never recovered from slavery and more than likely never will. 

I hope she saw the little black children starving, who are sick and need medical attention but with no access to help. I hope she saw the things that I have seen during my travels not only in other parts of the world–but right here in the great USA. 

I hope God opened your eyes during your visit to Haiti so that your heart and mind may be awakened enough to change some of your political views. I hope you saw the worst of Haiti! 

I hope you no longer look at the forsaken in the world and still believe in your heart and spout with your political tounge that if they only would have sacrificed and worked hard in school like you that they would not be in this shape.

Here is your chance Sarah Palin to show some compassion–something your party is not familiar with. I hope you understand, now, Sarah that every human being deserves a second chance.  By the way Sarah Palin, I guess one could view your brief trip to Haiti as your second chance. 


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