My First Post

By Darin Allen
“Let’s Talk About It!”

“I would like to thank: my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for allowing me to have a second chance, my lovely wife Joy for all her support and Will Cummings for inviting me to jump on board of my Hit News.”

“Hello World!” I would like to introduce myself by saying, “I am here to have fun, share my thoughts and to learn.

On this site we can talk on a variety of topics. All that I ask is that we do our best to respect each other’s opinion.

  • Let’s talk about how the Dems are slowly getting us out of the mess the Republicans got the country into.
  • Is Tiger Woods a super freak? Huh Huh?

Oops! My wife just told me “Darin, there are some things that you just don’t talk about.” I say, “Not here!  Here, we have freedom of speech to express our thoughts! And I’m going to jump right into that water.”

  • Dr Laura used her freedom of speech and it got her fired. Is there a double standard here?  Or am I playing devil’s advocate?
  • Is President Obama a Muslim or a socialist? 
  • Is Bill O’ Reilly really a racist as well as his Fox News Network?
  • Is CNN just a news station that never has an opinion? Come on! They just straddle the fence on every topic. I will stick with Keith Olbermann.

OK. Now you see that this site will not be just about sports: This site is a vehicle for you—and me—to express our opinions on issues that we hold dear to our hearts. Oh, don’t get me wrong. We will talk plenty of sports too. But let’s be for real—they’re just games, and there are a lot of–real life issues–out there that trump sports talk. And here is a place where we can express our feelings about those important issues.

You got something on your mind? Post a comment and “Let’s talk about it!” Remember my site is fresh out the box. This is day 1. No. We don’t have a message board—yet. So your only option right now to express your thoughts is to leave a comment or to reply to someone else’s comment.

All I ask is that you give me a little time to get things together here. Because figuring out all that goes into running this site is a huge learning curve for me. But I will get the hang of it.  

Guys and gals, this site is for you! So let’s have some fun expressing our sincerest opinions: On your mark. Get set. Go!!!


About Darin Allen

Darin Allen is a former American amateur and professional boxer. As an amateur boxer he won a middleweight World championship and U.S.A. amateur championship. Allen went on to have a mildly successful professional boxing career that was highlighted by a world light heavyweight championship fight.


  1. I could not have said it any better Alan you coverd just about everything.

  2. Bishop Eddie Long has some serious allegations against him anyone has any opinions about the sex allegations?

    • Balance is key here – he is innocent until proven guilty – We cannot ignore those young man and we cannot as Christian’s play favorites when wrong is done. Nor should people be scorned for asking. “When a righteous man turneth away from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, and dieth in them; for his iniquity that he hath done shall he die .”(Ezekiel 18:26,KJV)”

  3. Bama pulled it out, a nail biter.Based off Bama’s performance should they be number 1 ?

  4. Ohio State being consistant. Tyrell Pryor on the Heisman Trophy Winner path. big Ten is back and Bama is down at the half,

  5. Get real President Obama has done more for this country in 2 years than George Walker Bush has done in 8. He came in office with an economy that was busted. George Bush and has done nothing but influence terrorism by fighting a seneless war. Or I should starting a senseless war. We have seen gas companies rip off the American people by raising gas prices under George Bush’s watch. This President Bush is by far the worst President we ever had. It is senseless for you to accuse Presient Obama for anything that is going on with the recession. His programs that he put in place probably has prevented America from going into another great depression. Once he cleans up this mess you Republicans got us in then you will try to take credit but that will be a hard task because as of right now you Reublicans have done nothing but give tax breaks to the rich and surpress the poor. It is a shame and irresponsible for anyone to say President Obama got us in this mess. You make assertions like you think the reders on this blog are stupid. We know what time it is.

  6. I am willing to bet much of those who talk down Glenn Beck do not listen to him. He is wise beyond these boards and preaches the truth about faith and equality. President Obama might be the worst President of all time. His economic plan solidified that fate. Not only will he be remembered as a President who divided a nation, but he will be remembered for his spin and loss of millions of jobs….If you want to say it was laid upon his doorstep prior to him taking office then you better take it back to President Clinton, his push of Sub-Prime Mortgage Loans, and his repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. President Bush made a huge mistake with adding prescription drugs to medicare without paying for it and did increase spending, however President Obama has taken the spending and delivered Americans a mess beyond most of our wildest dreams. He will lose in 2012 as he should and we will once again be restored.

    God Bless America!


    • Glen Beck is a former drug addict and alcoholic that never even went to college. He started doing radio when he was 13 and is nothing more than a lifetime radio entertainer that finally became successful because he figured out how to plug into the undercurrent of racism in this country. “I’ll just wrap myself up in the American flag and scare people into believing that anyone who is not white isn’t right.”

      I bet he laughs himself to sleep, every night, thinking about all the idiots that he has manipulated into following his crap and the millions of dollars he is making while doing it.

      I admire him for that. I just wish I would have thought of it.

      Funny thing is, Rush Limbaugh has a similar background.

      Yes Sir, two of the most followed and admired right wingers are lifetime radio entertainers, former drug addicts and multi-millionaires that never went to college and never entered the military.

      Yet they constantly wrap themselves in the American flag and scare folks into believing we’re going to hell in a hand basket. And intelligent well-educated folks as well as the ignorant fall for it!

      They both would make great televangelist.

  7. Why would this lady do this –>

    Police Say Bethany Storro Admits Making Up Acid Attack Story
    (Sept. 16) — The Washington state woman who said a stranger threw acid on her face admits she inflicted the injuries on herself and made up the attack story, police said today.\n

  8. Will spoken Darin,:-)

  9. They made me give back my Heisman Trophy, but I still got the money and the Super Bowl ring. They coming for Obama next to make him give back the White House. No mater, because his next gig will be President of the World. Mark my words. I know about stuff like that cause I play football.

  10. (No to be confused with the right to choose), Alan freedom of right to choose is a liberty that God gave and not man. Freedom of right to choose is great but we choose the wrong thing. The God that gave you freedom of right to choose also gave Adam and Eve freedom of right to choose an you see the results of their choice. The world is in a mess because of that one wrong choice Adam made in the Garden.

  11. The biblical Jesus preached at length about renouncing worldly possessions and giving to the poor. The Republican Jesus believes that such handouts merely encourage the poor to be lazy, and that Christian charity is better practiced through massive tax breaks for the wealthiest citizens, who could then be expected to let the money “tinkle down” to the poor in the form of honest, if low-paying, jobs at upright Republican institutions like Wal-Mart.
    The bible condemns the act of homosexuality in the Old and the New testament.I do not judge no man gay or not there is not a gay bone in my body and I do not have a problem with Homosexuals but the sexual acts of homosexuals are not scriptual but forgiveness is as well as deliverence is scriptual and Jesus can do both.

  12. Alan that fear isn’t strange at all. Being independent is smart. Why support a party who can’t make up their minds on anything. Like the Democrats.Rahm Emanuel is a joke. Bad pick for the Obama Administration.There is also of talk that Joe Biden will be stepping down and Hillary Clinton will be Vice in 2012.I wonder if this is fact or fiction?

  13. dmighty1 writes –> How can the black man, poor man, middle class man vote republican? If anyone can answer that I will be impressed tremendously. Answer :: If we have a Democratic candidate who wants to make it against the law to Preach the part of the Bible which offends our Gay brothers and sisters, calls out abortion as wrong (No to be confused with the right to choose), and wants take away a Churches freedom / non-profit status, if they refused to ordain Gay clergy – there is no way a Christian can vote for that Democratic and must vote for another party even if it is the Republican party to ensure an extreme Democratic does not get in.

  14. Hey, I have a strange fear that the extreme part of the democratic party ( Christian haters and fake believers ) will win, big next election, cause the fake Christian Republicans and fake Christian Tea Party candidates suck . I am an independent I support and voted for President Obama. He already has his hands full fighting with the extremist within his party and without some sensible Republicans – we may move to- far to one side. Does anyone else, think this or am out there?

  15. Hey, I have a strange fear that the extreme part of the democratic party ( Christian haters and fake believers ) will win, big next election, cause the fake Christian Republicans and fake Christian Tea Party candidates suck . I am an independent I support and voted for President Obama. He already has his hands full fighting with the extremist within his party and without some sensible Republicans – we may move to- far to one side. Does anyone else, think this or am out there?

  16. Glen Beck is a racist as well as Fox News Network. I am not promoting hatred I am just reacting to what I hear on these so called news station. Fixed News Network , oops I meant Fox News Network is nothing more than a republican news station.I wonder why they got rid of hannity & Colmbs. Maybe it was because Mr Colbs was kicking hannitys butt in some of their debates. This is a great country of ours we elected a black President who could not be elected with out the white vote. It a shame we are living in 2010 and there is an organization out there called the Tea Party. Nothing more than a new wave Klu Klux Klan.Sean Hannity you gave a speech and mentioned Martin Luther king. His dream was the world rid itself of racist like yourself and others no matter what color if your racist you are not in the Martin Luther king Dream. Michael Steele is a joke, a yes man, an Uncle Tom who is being bullied by the Republicans. How can the black man, poor man, middle class man vote republican? If anyone can answer that I will be impressed tremendously.

  17. I for one feel that President Obama is doing a great job restoring this country, especially considering what he had to work with. He basically came in to a job that had been mismanaged and misgoverned for 8 years, an economy that had been drained and depleted for the sole purpose of funding a senseless war where many innocent lives and soldiers were lost. In the little time he’s been in office, President Obama has done more to help Americans and this great country of ours than former President Bush did in 8 years. I feel that we should cut President Obama some slack because he has accomplished a great deal in a little amount of time, we didn’t get in this mess overnight, and we sure can’t get out of it overnight either.

  18. To Somebody Else and Tommy Wade:
    Somebody Else we have a President who is trying to help all people black or white. I have to agree with Tommy Wade. I am also gonna agree with you as well SOMEBODY this could be deeper then we think it is. There is a spiritual part to all this you know.

  19. Hey, Obama is doing all that the money grabbers will allow him to do. Black, White, Republican or Democrat it don’t matter, because the system is set up to always benefit the fat cat first. Everyone and everything else comes after they finisih stuffing their silk-lined pockets. Our economy is broken like Humpty Dumpty. It will never be put back togethe ragain. And how can it be. Slavery is gone and cheap foreign labor has taken it’s place. Because of it this country will never again enough jobs left to go around. Fat cats produced it all! And we continue to sit back and alllow them to do it.

  20. Darin, Welcome aboard! I for one am looking forward to hear your opinions about the likes of ignorant folks such as Glen Beck. How code words will affect this up coming election. We now have one of the smartest if NOT the smartest President ever to hold office dealing with the failures of a past administration. Short tearm memories? Racist? Lets call it what it is! Is Obama the problem (cause he’s different – Black) Or is it the economy stupid?
    Just glad to have another way to vent….you may or may not agree with my thoughts. I also would like to see boxing heavy weights like the day of old. The good old glory days! How I miss Ali, Fraizer, etc. What happened to boxing?

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