Vote to Stop the Republican Tea Party Movement

9-11 happened under Republican President George Bush’s watch, and the American economy began its dive  into one of the deepest recessions in history. Do you want to go back?

By Darin Allen
“Let’s Talk About It!”

Republican Tea Party Movement touts same agenda as the Bush Administration that produced one of America’s deepest recessions.

Here we are–the 2010 midterm elections are right around the corner and the Democrats are taking a pounding from the Republicans and their newly founded Tea Party Movement.

President Barack Obama has caused much controversy by the way he has spent billions of our tax dollars on various programs and policies that he has championed. However, from what I have seen, President Obama has never lost sight of the less fortunate in our society. He continues to establish policies and to push Congress into developing laws that help: the poor, people suffering foreclosure, individuals who can no longer afford the spiraling cost of health care and the unemployed by extending unemployment benefits to those who have lost their jobs during this tough economy.

My fellow Americans, I know the times we’re in are frustrating, but when President Obama was running his presidential campaign he did say ” that it would take time” to fix this economy—a busted economy that he inherited from the eight-year-long Bush Administration.

Many on the Right call President Barack Obama a Muslim. They say he is not a Christian. They call him a socialist and they even try to say that he is not a legitimate American citizen. More to the point, they say he is taking this country in the wrong direction. You can choose to believe some or all of these things. But I, for one, believe that President Obama is doing his best to guide this country in the right direction. His opponents, however, want you to believe otherwise.

“The Republicans are using every political strategy in the book to thwart President Obama from accomplishing his goal of delivering America from the economic disaster created by the previous Republican Administration.”

To the Democrats and Independents: white, black, Latinos, Native Americans Asians, European immigrants and all others: we have to get off our butts and fight for the man who is fighting for us!

Unfortunaely, right now, the poll numbers do not look good for Democrat running in this midterm election. The preliminaly data suggest a very low Democtat turnout.

This election should be a revolution against the agenda of a Tea Party Movement that is bent on championing the interest of big business and Wall Street over the needs of the common man, woman and child. Their ideas and policies did not work during the eight- year-long Bush Administration. Do you really want to go back?

I urge you to come out in numbers this election. Let your voices be heard. Let’s fool this Republican lead Tea Party Movement by showing up by the masses. .

There is a lot at stake in this midterm election, which is being conducted in the midst of what is one of worst recessions in America’s history. Do not let the well-oiled Republican machine fool you into believing that this president is the cause of it. No. This whole economic mess we’re in started under the Republican led Bush Administration. President Obama has to clean it up. Let’s give our support to the man who continues to fight so hard for interest of “We the People” by showing up to the polls in unprecedented numbers during the midterm elections.

Let’s prove them wrong!!!!!

About Darin Allen

Darin Allen is a former American amateur and professional boxer. As an amateur boxer he won a middleweight World championship and U.S.A. amateur championship. Allen went on to have a mildly successful professional boxing career that was highlighted by a world light heavyweight championship fight.


  1. Thank you Crystal please come back!!!

  2. Hey Darin!!

    Good job on this “Repulbic Tea Party” story..I hope everyone gets the message!!! Tea Party Movement Mentality….hhhmmm.. I guess that should be scary???..

  3. Alan this is the craziest, senseless thing I eve head of. What is the world coming to? or turning into? Here we have Bethany Storrow gained national attention when she claimed someone threw acid in her face back in August.Now, it turns out the woman in Washington made up the story. She apparently harmed herself. What could have been the motive for this one?

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